Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Addy's Early Birthday Present

Dammy and Papa got Addyson a Barbie Kawasaki 4-wheeler (of coarse Power Wheels) for her 3rd Birthday. They brought it out to the property on Saturday and gave it to her. She was pretty funny. She seen it in the back of my Moms car when we pulled up and asked Papa to open the car so she could get her surprise. At first she was a little unsure so she rode with Shayne and then they switched and Shayne rode with her. She was laughing so hard. Shayne would try and get off and Addy would step on the gas so Shayne would have to stay on. Every time she stepped on the gas her head would fly back and a couple times she caught Shayne with her helmet. Poor Shayne...she was laughing pretty hard too.
She got the hang of it by the end of the day and rode it down to see Nick and Cindy. Sierra and Shayne had to push it back up the hill though. Kate walked beside her on the rode and said she didn't do too bad with the steering. She will take it camp with her this summer and ride around Dammy and Papa's camp ground. She will defiantly get alot of use out of it, between the camp and the property.
The Girls and I are going to McDonalds today and maybe to run a couple of errands. Cornerstone is out for break, so Kate is the only one in school. They are also here tomorrow for the night. I want to find something to do, but I am not sure what. It doesn't look like it is going to be real nice out, so that kind of limits us. If you have any suggestions let me know.
Yesterday I got to work at Crop Paper Scissors for the day...I love it there! Thank you Kristi for letting me work for you...it totally is my de-stresser! I also get to work Friday from 11-5. So come see me. I love company. Christel and Layla came and visited yesterday for a little while and Layla got all caught up on her Auntie Jo kisses!! I love kissing that little thing...she is just such a lover and the baby smell...her momma always makes sure she has that great baby smell. Thanks for coming and seeing me Christel and Layla.
Ok...that is all for today. I go a long time and then I have so much to say. I hope this all makes sense. ;-)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finally...new pics of the house

OK...so this is my kitchen from the mud room. You can see the pantry in the far corner. So now all the interior walls are up. YEAH! Front of the house with the front door and the windows in. Martin is also up there back filling and moving dirt.
Pretty self explanatory...the house with windows and doors.
The boys putting in the windows upstairs. This was kinda tricky, but all went well.
Addyson and Daddy in the tractor. She was loving her tractor ride.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I was just looking at my blog and I can not believe how much the house has changed in the last week. I will be sure to get on and post some pics today of all they have accomplished. I am sure everyone that has been keeping tract will be surprised as well.

Today Addyson is going to attend Aydann Long's Birthday Party at 360 Gym. She is so excited. This will be her first like big girl birthday party. Thanks again to Amanda and Aydann for inviting her. After the party Addy is going to Dammy's for the night and Phil and I get another quiet evening. I am going to go rent some movies and just chill'.

I will be sure to get those pictures up. So be watching.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


One WordShare
Not as easy as you might think! Now copy and paste this to a note and tag your friends to see what they can come up with! Enjoy!

~ Where is your cell phone? desk
~ Your hair? dark
~ Your mother? work
~ Your father? home
~ Your favorite thing? family
~ Your dream last night? unsure
~ Your favorite drink? coffee
~ Your dream/goal? move-in
~ What room are you in? livingroom
~ Your hobby? SCRAPBOOKING
~ Your fear? death
~ Where do you want to be in 6 years? Holden-Ln
~ Where were you last night? home
~ Something that you aren't? skinny
~ Muffins? ok
~ Wish list item? money
~ Last thing you did? sleep
~ What are you wearing? pjs
~ TV? off
~ Your pet? outside
~ Friends? dear
~ Your life? busy
~ Your mood? good
~ Missing someone? YES
~ Drinking? nothing
~ Your car? minivan
~ Something you're not wearing? socks
~ Your favorite store? old navy
~ Your favorite color? red
~ When is the last time you cried? unsure
~ My favorite place to eat? PolarBear
~ Favorite place I'd like to be at right now? Holden-Ln
I tag Christel, Nicole, Dawn B, and who ever else
wants to do this!;-)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

House Update...once again

Stairs, roofing, skylights and windows soon to come. Things are moving along great. I took a picture of the view today since the sun was out. I am loving this weather. Addyson and I went down and walked Main St. today. Checked out Main Street Lighting, Always a Bride and my favorite, Crop Paper Scissors. Kristi got in tons of wonderful stuff. I am so excited to go down and shop by myself with no child hollering at me.
Nick and Jessie went up today and did some roofing while they waited for the drywallers to finish at Nick and Cindy's place. They are out the painting now. I am so excited to get to that point.

Addyson and I are watching Layla tonight while Richie and Christel get some time together. I am excited to have her here and Addy has been asking when she will be here all day. I will take some lots of pics to post.