Friday, October 31, 2008


This year Addyson was a Sunflower for Halloween. And pretty darn cute one at that. She loved her costume, so much that she got really upset when it was time to take it off. It was a long night of Trick-or-Treating and we have tons of candy to prove it. Addy was much more independent this year...making her own way to the doors and getting in and out of the wagon on her own most of the time, but she was still liking the wagon thing and not having to walk the whole time. For me it is much easier to pull her that to carry her the whole way.
Landen met up with us towards the end of the night. He was a extremely handsome Giraffe. He was not all to sure about the wagon thing, but it was all good. We ended out night back at Tim and Tanya's and took the girls home from there. Addy is going to sleep good tonight. Thank god cause I am tired.

My 3 Trick-or-Treaters
Tomorrow is whole new day, nothing is ever the same twice. My mom is having a yard sale, so Addy and I are going to head up that way. Phil is going to be playing the Pipes with the Lewiston Pipes and Drums at the UofI Homecoming Game (wish him luck). And then on Sunday my Mom, Addyson and I are going to Spokane for the night to get some shopping done. I am really looking forward to it, we got a hotel with a pool so Addy can go swimming. I think we will have a great time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things are starting...

Phil is meeting with the excavation guy today and hopefully we will have a hole dug soon. He spent most of his day running around and filling out paper work to get all our permits. As soon as something happens up there I will be taking more pics so everyone can see our progress as we go. I am actually kind of excited to do a "Our Home" Scrapbook from beginning to end. I know this is going to be very exciting, but stressful too. More for Phil I am thinking will be the stress, he takes care of everything when it comes to finances and knowing what we can do and what we can't. He is going to try and shoulder some off the job to cut some cost. And on top off that he starts his new position on Friday. So things may be a little touchy in our house.

This weekend my Mom, Addyson and I are heading to Spokane to do some shopping. I am hoping to get some idea on things for the house and my Mom is remodeling her kitchen as well. I am sure we will hit Chuck E. Cheese for Addy and so some us shopping as well.

So keep a look out for pictures of our progress and all the stressful stories I am sure will follow.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lynley and Jims' big day

Yesterday Lynley got married. It was a pretty wedding and she was a gorgeous bride. She is a wonderful person and I wish her all the luck and happiness in the world. I hope this brings her joy and her and Jim have a beautiful life together.

We took all the girls with us to the wedding. It in Colton at the Red Barn. The wedding was outside and it was a little on the chilly side, but the ceremony was short and to the point, 9 minutes to be exact. We didn't get to stay real late we needed to get the girls home and Addyson hadn't taken a nap all day and it was starting to show.

Phil snapped this picture off us. I think it is one of the only pictures of me and the girls, but we are missing Sierra, she was standing in the tent trying to get warm. I think when I am ready to do pictures of the girls I may bring them back up here, the fields we pretty and there was a couple of old barns that would be neat to get in a photo.

Today, Addyson has went to spend time with Grammy and Papa and I am going to work on housework. Phil is chillin' watching tv, he had his last day on A shift and last shift on a bus, unless he chooses to do overtime anyway. So we are all pretty excited about that. And hopefully we will have more certain direction with the house this week. Wish us luck.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lynley's Wedding

Tomorrow is Lynley and Jimmy's wedding. I made them a little something and thought I would show it off a little. I actually think I really like how it turned out and was actually not to had to make.

Lynley likes simple things, so I wanted to make it pretty, but not to over the top. Their wedding is going to be at the Red Barn in Colton and we are taking all the girls with us. It should be a great time.

Also, Addyson and I went out and enjoyed the beautiful weather today. We had some running around to do for the house and then we went to the park and had lunch, and after that we went down on Main St and walked around and looked at some furniture, dreaming that all, for now anyway. Now the little stinker is sacked out and I am trying to get everything ready for tomorrow.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Huntung!

We went to the pumpkin patch today. Addyson had so much fun and we got 2 pumpkins. Grammy went with us and got Addy some apples that she just had to have. While we were there there was a school group there and she wanted to go with them so bad on the bus. So, Mom and I are going to do some calling around and try to get her into a daycare a couple hours a week. Just so she can go play with some kids her age.
She loved the hay stack! She truly did not want to leave, but in time we persuaded her with the chance to go to Costco and pick out a movie. So, she is now watching "Sleeping Beauty."
It just blows my mind at how fast she is growing. It seems that just yesterday I was pregnant and awaiting her arrival. It makes me sad to think how fast the next few years are going to go.

When we got home today she gave my and Dammy a big hug and kiss and told us thank you for all her stuff and for taking her to the park to play (we went and had lunch at the park). It really surprised me because normally I have to tell her, but this time she did it all on her own. Like I said she is growing up way to fast.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mom's Birthday!

Today was my mom's Birthday and I spent the majority of the day making her gifts. She is remodeling her kitchen right now and I thought that the "HOME" letters would be fun for her to put in the new kitchen. She is going in reds, coppers and neutrals(browns and tans).
I did the "BOO" letters for her at our scrapcamp last weekend for watching Addyson for me for the weekend. I wish I could do so much more for her, she does so much for me. Although she can be a pain, she is really wonderful and I love her lots!
And I made this album for her for her birthday. It was actually alot of fun. She loved it and is going to be taking it to work with her. So I am sure for all her patients, if you ask she will be pulling it out and probably even if you don't ask. Addyson calls her Dammy instead of Grammy and it has kind of stuck, and in all truth it really is fitting for her.

Well, we are going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow so be looking for pictures.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gettin' Ready!

This weekend is going to be our scrapbook camp at my house. So, otherwise, I have been busy this week trying to get everything cleaned up and in its place. I am going to set up 2 6ft tables in my living room and then a separate table for all of our machines and doodads. I am really looking forward to it. Jen Sparks, Nicole Triplett, Cindy Stevens and I will be here and then I think my cousin Alyse is going to come down and see what it is all about. I am hoping that she will want to start because she needs a hobby that she can sit down and relax and take some time for herself (she has a full-time job and is most defiantly a full-time Mommy and sometimes she just needs a little TLC to herself). And yes I worry about her alot. So, it should be a really fun weekend. Be looking for some pictures of the many things we do. I am going to be working on Christmas stuff after I get caught up on Addy's album. I only have picture from June to now to do, I pretty much got caught up at the last camp.

Today I am working for Kristi at Crop Paper Scissors for a few hours. I love it down there! Today I am going to try to get everything layed out and get what I need to get for the weekend. But is not, luckily the store is close to the house just in case we need to make a supplies run. Addy is going to be with Grammy this afternoon and for the weekend. She is going to have a little friend come over and play in her kitchen on Saturday. I am just hoping that she will sleep for my mom, otherwise she gets really tired and that makes her sick. So I am hoping all goes well.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Well, things have been pretty slow around here. Slow for us anyway. Today Phil went to 3 soccer games and Addyson and I went shopping. It is hard to take Addy out to soccer games when it is rainning and with potty training it is not a whole lot of fun. So, we go shopping and spend money that we shouldn't, isn't that what we all do?
I snapped the picture of Addyson in the bath tub the other night. We have a picture of everyone of the girls like this. I want to do something special with all of them. Not all of them are thins age, but still I think it would be fun to make a little something up you know. Shayne's picture like this we put on her 3rd birthday cake. Addy loves her baths, she washes all of her barbies hair, and yes we go through tons of shampoo.
The other pic is of Addyson and Tycee last night while we watched "Iron Man." She loves that dog so much and vise versa. Tycee lets Addy do anything to her. Since getting Ticker Phil has really relaxed with the dogs. In the past there was no way he would ever let Tycee on the couch, but now Ticker lays in his lap at night and Tycee lays in Addyson's. Tycee is actually very protective over Addy, when we were up camping Addyson was headed down to the creek and Tycee got in front of her and would let her get any farther. It is amazing at how smart dogs are and I think Tycee is incredible smart. She is defiantly Addy and I's dog.
Well, not much else going on. I am just getting ready for our ScrapCamp next weekend here at my house. I am so jacked to get together with with some of my girlfriends and have a relaxing weekend. And then I get the privilege of working for Kristi a couple days at CropPaperScissors. I am so excited and feel very grateful that they would ask me to help them out. So if anyone gets bord come down and visit me.