Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ice Blocking!

So...I took the girls ice blocking and got some great shots of everyone. These are just a few. Gavin, Nicole and Loghan came down and tried it out. I have tons of shots with Gavin going head over heels. I was wanting to get the girls out of the house for al little while and I thought, what better to do than slide down a hill on a block of ice, something I used to do back in my high school years. Needless to say...they were asking when we were going to do it again when it was time to leave.
For anyone who may be keeping track, the potty training is going so great and I am so proud of her. She is really trying super hard to do her best and that is so awesome. My baby is growing up so fast.
Well, one more day of the holiday weekend and I have to work it, but all is good since most weekends are long ones for me.
Have a great night! I will try as well.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Addy and Her Cheeks!

Well, we are still waiting on Baby Layla. The girls came over this morning and we are all sitting around waiting on the phone call so we can go down and see the new little one. is a fun little story for you. Addyson has started potty training and we have went 4 Days with no diapers (except for nap time and bed time). So this morning my Mom and Aunt Deanna stopped by and Addyson was strutting around in her night shirt and panties. As she walked away from my Mom her panties were giving her a wedgie. My Mom said to her "Your panties are going up your cheeks!" Addyson stopped and turned around and grabbed her facial cheeks and said "no...they are up my Boodie!" I guess it is good that she knows all her body parts eh! She has also learned a new word and can say it with clarity - Jackass! She will just say it out of the blue. I am just waiting to take her shopping and calls some stranger a Jackass.

Well...once that baby is born I will post some new pics. Wish Richie and Christel luck.

Friday, August 29, 2008

First time! I am new at this. Some of my friends have blogs and I thought it might be a fun way to keep up with everyone. I am soon to be 29 and I am the step-mother to 5 wonderful girls, Jestine 18, Kate 15, Morgan 13, Sierra 11, and Shayne 7. And my Husband, Phil and I have a beautiful daughter Addyson 2. And I think she keeps us busier than the other 5 put together. All 4 of the younger step-daughters play soccer and Kate just recentley made Varsity for LHS in her freashman year. I am sure in time I will slip up and call them my daughters...I just love them all so much and would give the world for all of them. I am an only child and never dreamnt of having 6 girls, but know I love to watch my daughter with her sister and see how special of a bond they have and how much they love each other. My parent live in Lewiston and have always been a huge support to me. They are both head over heels for their grand-daughters and very very proud. My husband works as a paramedic/firefighter for the Lewiston Fire Department, he is a wonderful man and a incredible Dad. He can be onry at times, but I think that is way I love him so much and fall more in love with him every day.
So that is a little history on myself...I look forward to sharing many more of our family stories.
Oh and by the way...I am currently waiting for my niece, Layla, to be born, her mom went into labor today and I am so excited to see her. And even more excited for Richie and Christel, they are going to be wonderful parents.