Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Odds and Ends

Here are just a few odds and ends of pictures from last week. On Friday I had the girls pictures done and I am so excited to get them back. We feed the baby cow on Friday after pictures, but I didn't get any pictures so we went back on Saturday and the girls feed the cow, checked out the baby chicks (which Addy now wants to bring one home to sleep with her) and they all petted the horses. I am so glad that Doug and Vickie have all the animals and I don't have to put them on my property.;-)

Then on Friday Addyson started big girl gymnastics, you know the ones that I don't have to stay on the floor with her. She was so cute...she sat on her hands and waited her turn and she caught on really quick. The teachers informed me that I should plan on paying for gymnastics for the next few years that she has really taken to it. It might kinda run in her blood though...her oldest sister, Jes, is a gymnast as well.
On to the house...things have been kinda at a stand still. We are waiting for electric and then hopefully things will start rolling again. I have not taken any more pics cause nothing has changed unfortunately!
Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Growing Pains

So here that silly little face of hers again...what is up with that!!! So...I bought this little kit that you make your own Lip Gloss in, thought it would be fun since she is a fanatic about Lip Gloss. Yeah...boy was I wrong, what a stinkin' mess! Not so much for Addyson, the Lip Gloss just sticks and does not clean up real well. So just FYI to all you Moms...STAY AWAY from the Lip Gloss Kit. Oh...and then I had to freeze it for it to set up. OK...Addyson is 3 years old and I believe already experiencing growing pains. Sunday night she woke me up several times complaining about her legs hurting. Then during the day yesterday she continued to say her legs were hurting. I gave her Mortrin hoping that would maybe dull the pain. She is not a real nap taker at all and yesterday she crawled up in my chair and cried a little and then fell asleep for about a hour and a half. Totally out of character for her. And both Sunday and Monday she was more clingy and wanting to be held, again out of character. I feel so bad because there is nothing that I can do for her and at the same time I am thinking "How tall is my child going to be?" She is already in the 75% for height...it is not like her Dad and I are real tall people:-)

I had to take advantage of the photo op since it is rare. And I have no sleeping pics of her for a scrapbook page.

The septic tank is coming today and siding will be all done. Bryan and Brice will be starting the framing for the tub and shower in the master bath and the closets in the girls rooms. I will be taking some pics and get them posted soon.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Silly Sundays!

So this has become Addyson's camera face. Great one eh! She says "CHEESE!" as she does it too. I am getting ready to have her pictures done and I am really hoping that they won't have this little face in everyone of them. Nicole and Loghan came over and had dinner with us and the kids got to play. We don't get together as often as we use to, you know that they live in a different time zone in Clarkston, right! ;-) LOL! I just loved this photo. He is such a cute little guy!
I made my Mom the wood flower project that is at Crop Paper Scissors. I think it turned out so cute. She really liked it too.
Things are going to be slow at the house this week with the weather not wanting to cooperate with us. Once things are moving again I will get some more pics up.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

NEW House Pics!!!

OK...here are some new pics! Sorry it has taken so long. In the beginning I was all over it and I have kinda slacked off as things have went along. I have so many pics that I am not even sure what I am going to do with all of them. This is the garage floor that took like 16 or more hours. It still needs to be sealed, but the weather needs to cooperate first.
Our HVAC unit is in and ready for the finishing touches once the plumbing is done.
Both Bath tubs are in downstairs. My master bath still needs to be put in, but they have to frame up the shower and the tub walls because it is a drop in one. I will post some pics once it is in.
See all those little blue boxes? That is a sign that electrical has started! YEA!!
The back side of the house with siding!! There is just a little more on the front to be done and then we will move into the decks once the back filling is done. The septic goes in on Tuesday. And then we will be bringing in the water electric and what ever else there is to bring in.
I will post new pics soon. Promise it won't take me so long next time!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthday Party!!

Just a few pictures from the girl's birthday party. They kids had alot of fun. There were so many that they just kind of ran and did their own thing. But they all were fun of laughs.

A big thank you to everyone that came. You helped make Addyson and Shayne's Birthday Party a fun one.
I will be posting pics of the house a little later.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Donkey Basketball

Kate was picked to ride in the donkey basketball game on Thursday night. I have never laughed so freakin' hard in a very long time. It was the greatest thing to watch. I also video taped the game...I will try to get some of it on here as soon as I figure out how to get them off the camera. They would try and pull the donkey in a direction and the donkey would just fight it that much more. At one point she fell flat on her butt. One guy had a really hard time just staying up on his, he was hanging on to the neck off the side of the thing...it was great!
She made 5 attempts at a basket and didn't make a one! She is going to have to stick with soccer cause basketball is not calling her name. My dad started calling her "sureshot" by the end of the game. And one of her 5 was on the wrong basket.
At first she was not all the jacked about being in the game and by the end of the night she was ready to so it again. She said that she had a blast! I know I had a good time...and then add my mom in there (just watching), but the two of us start laughing and then we can't stop cause we are laughing at each other. It is a vicious circle. Shayne asked if we needed a ambulance and Phil asked if we had wet our pants. It was a great time. We will be there again in two years!
I will be posting pics of Shayne and Addyson's birthday party this weekend, along with some long over due pics of the house.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Addyson Lane's 3rd Birthday!!!!

My baby girl turns 3 years old today...where does the time go? She has changed so much and developed her own little personality that never fails to amaze us and make us giggle. If someone would have told me how much I was going to love her I wouldn't have believe it. But now I have no words that can describe my love for her...she is my light, my life and the reason I breath! So Happy Birthday Sweet Pea! We love you tons!