Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Way Over Due Update

OK...so here goes...a big update!
The Lady Bengals soccer team played at the Pullman Tournament and came out with Second place. They played three winning games and lost the Championship Game, but all of them were fantastic.

We have LIGHTS!!! and fans and outlets...it is all so exciting!!!

Addy and Mo checking out the fans.

We have DOORS!!!! and trim!!!

Kate working on the grout in kitchen. She was having a ton of fun!

Phil grouting...and he is all done but bathroom back splash and master bath tub and shower.

The twins are here as of July 25th!! They were both health happy baby boys and Ronnie and Denetta are very happy to have them here.

Mom, Aunt Deanna, Addyson and I went and visited my Grandpa. Addy had fun playing out side and my Grandpa loves to watch her. We need to go more often.

This is what happens when I leave Addy at home with Kate. Pretty cute though!!!